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The Crossroads Foundation is a California non-profit organization offering a residential recovery program for women who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. The Crossroads facilities are located in a quiet residential area near downtown San Diego. We provide home-like atmospheres in a shared community to aid residents in regaining and maintaining sobriety.

Founded in 1957 by a group of prominent judges, attorneys and civic leaders, Crossroads is the first women’s residential recovery program in San Diego County and the second oldest in California. Crossroads is a State of California certified and licensed alcohol and drug program with a long and successful record of serving women in recovery. Positive long-term outcomes have been experienced by hundreds of women served by the Crossroads residential recovery program (or, the Crossroads program).

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The need for a proven recovery program

Most public health officials agree that dependence on alcohol and drugs is a serious national public health problem affecting millions of women. Most of these women have families who suffer the consequences of living with their addiction. It is prevalent among rich and poor and all ethnic and social groups. Alcohol and drug dependency worsens over time, causing damage to the addicted woman, her immediate family and friends. Women who are dependent on alcohol or drugs fight a downward spiraling struggle against loneliness, rejection, self-loathing and discouragement.

A powerful intervention with immeasurable benefits

Crossroads offers women who are addicted to alcohol or drugs a proven opportunity to rebuild their self-respect, dignity and productivity by regaining their physical and emotional health through sobriety. The benefit is immeasurable to family, friends and community when recovering alcohol- and drug-addicted women return to their homes, families, neighborhood and employment as productive individuals.

Joining together with other women in recovery provides a powerful foundation for committing and re-establishing themselves as sober, self-respecting members of society. A woman’s desire and commitment to become a sober, productive and contributing member of the community must be a primary goal. The willingness to understand the nature of addiction is an important factor in laying the groundwork for a woman’s successful recovery.

All women in need of recovery are welcome

Women from all circumstances are welcome at Crossroads – housewives, mothers, community leaders, professionals, office workers, service workers, young, old, single, married. Any woman who is chemically dependent can find help at Crossroads in her struggle against addiction. Crossroads is an inclusive program – every woman without regard to ethnicity, age, marital status, religion or sexual orientation may become a participant.

Requirements for participation

A woman’s residency at Crossroads is required and is confidential. No woman is refused admission due to financial hardship or inability to pay, but each person is required to undertake a financial commitment for the cost of her recovery. The cost of services is kept minimal due to funding from government sources, private donors and other revenue. Crossroads is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation partially funded by the County of San Diego.

Comprehensive services designed to help

Crossroads provides a comprehensive range of individualized, high-quality services designed to help the women we serve. These services include individual therapy, group therapy, mental health counseling, health screening, dental care, sexual trauma/domestic violence support, relapse prevention and outpatient support. Programs and activities at Crossroads minimize relapse, at-risk behaviors and health issues that affect women in recovery.

our clients say it best - Lara’s Story

When I came into Crossroads on January 31, 2003 I was completely broken down and defeated by this disease called alcoholism and drug addiction. I had burned every bridge in town and had every door shut on me. Seeking oblivion through alcohol and drugs on the cold and lonely streets of San Diego, I realized that I was running out of options, going in and out of crisis houses and psychiatric wards in hopes of finding comfort and love. 

Most of my family was deceased and those who were still living would have nothing to do with me, so I found myself totally alone and suicidal. I knew I would die soon if I didn't get help, so I came to Crossroads Foundation and realized that I was finally home! I stayed at Crossroads for almost 2 years. During that time I took advantage of every single thing that Crossroads had to offer me and through this I would learn to love again, but more importantly I got my soul back. Today I walk with my head held high, I have self-confidence, and my self-esteem is better than it's ever been. I have friendships that are based on love and respect and I owe it all to Crossroads. I'll never forget the days spent there. The best days of my life!

programs overview

  1. The Crossroads Foundation Recovery Home
    This non-medical, social model Recovery Home provides a safe and sober living environment for women 18 years and older who need a 24-hour residential program to conquer their addictions and the problems associated with their addiction.
  2. Crossroads 3/4 House
    When a resident of Crossroads Recovery Home has completed the fourth phase she may take the next available bed in the 3/4 House operated by Crossroads. Phase four and placement at the 3/4 House is a privilege attained only upon completion of the first three steps of the AA 12-Step program and demonstration of full involvement in all aspects of the program.
  3. Crossroads Day Program
    This program serves five women who have been accepted in the Recovery Home, but are awaiting a vacancy.
  4. Crossroads Outpatient Program
    Crossroads hosts a weekly AA meeting every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. that is open to the recovery community.